Documenting NC Nature for the City Nature Challenge

woman photographing species on ground

Thank you for your interest in the City Nature Challenge 2020 in North Carolina!

The City Nature Challenge is an international competition to see which city can document the most species April 24-27, 2020.  Citizen scientists worldwide photograph the species they see and upload their images to iNaturalist through the smartphone app or the website.  Over 150 cities representing every continent are expected to compete in 2020 and will likely contribute over a million images to iNaturalist in just 4 days!  Cities can win for the most observations, the most participants, and the most species.

We are excited to offer this fun, international citizen science event in North Carolina in 2020.  Each of our state’s four locations offers a variety of programs and other opportunities to get involved in the City Nature Challenge at in-person events, or you can participate on your own anywhere in the state.  Any species photographed anywhere within these 4 regions during the 4 days of the City Nature Challenge automatically count toward your local effort.

Check out our event calendar for a complete list of activities related to the City Nature Challenge, learn how to get involved, learn more about the CNC in your city and state, and more.  After the event, we’ll share results and photos here too.

So, get those cameras ready, be ready to go outside, and help North Carolina’s cities WIN the City Nature Challenge!



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